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Puig Campana Stunning Mountain Near Benidorm

Puig Campana Stunning Mountain Near Benidorm

Puig Campana, this mountain standing tall and overlooking the charming village of Finestrat and camping Puig Campana, literally translated as Bell Hill, is the second highest peak in the province of Alicante with an altitude of 1,406 meters.

This stunning mountain is only ten km (six miles ) from the coast. It appears, when looking from the ground, that there is one peak but in fact there are two and some say it is an optical illusion.

 Puig Campana Benidorm

However, there are actually two peaks, one of which is not easily visible from the base. This unique mountain houses numerous plant species and attracts visitors from all over the world.

The Legend of Puig Campana

It has a fascinating feature where a large slot or notch on the peak is easily observed giving rise to more than a few legends. One such is that a giant kicked the top of the mountain into the sea off Benidorm forming Benidorm Island.

Views from Puig Campana Benidorm

Another refers to Roland, a Frenchman, who was having a sword fight with a Moorish army general whom he beat to the ground, raised his sword to deliver a killing blow and missed and, instead, cut this huge notch out of the mountain’s peak which then fell into the sea.

All of these legends add to the attraction of this impressive mountain that overlooks Benidorm.

Hikers Paradise

This area is a walker and hiker paradise, the Puig Campana and surrounding area has enough diverse trails to keep hikers happy for weeks, and the local charming and typically Spanish village of Finestrat has some good bars for tapas as well as restaurants to satisfy the most adventurous gourmets after working up an appetite enjoying the multitude of walks in the mountain environment.

Puig Campana Benidorm

How to Climb Puig Montana

There are several trails to the peak.

However, it is advisable to get information from the local Finestrat Tourist Office as the paths can be treacherous.

Many climbers have had to be rescued as you can become easily disorientated when it sometimes becomes very misty. There are no services as you begin your accent, so it is vital that you take food and water plus a mobile phone.

You will likely be on the mountain for several hours as you attempt to reach the summit.

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