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Popular bars in Benidorm, Spain

Popular bars in Benidorm, Spain

KM Beach Dance Club, BenidormKM Beach Dance Club has many names and it is also known as KM Beach Dance Pub and KM Playa. Whatever name you want to use this fresh seaside bar keeps you occupied for the whole night with its disco vibe. There is a lot of space for dancing but also for mingling in tables with locals and travellers alike. KM Playa plays mostly local Spanish music, so you may not recognize most of the song played. Music is played by official DJ’s of Playa and hired dancers make sure you don’t have to be the first one on the dance floor.This bar is very popular amongst locals and that’s why the packed weekends make the atmosphere high but don’t fit for those wanting a more peaceful evening with their friends. Because of the broad opening times, KM Playa is perfect for enjoying a few drinks before continuing your trip to other bars in Benidorm.Address: Avinguda Alcoi 9, Esq C/Bilbao, 03501 BenidormJumping Jacks Fun Pub, BenidormJumping Jacks is all about fun and games. Even the bar itself is colourful and hidden under the neon colour sign. Before sunset,you can enjoy your drinks outside on their terrace with your friends and after dark, you can take part to interesting events they held around the year. There is for example live music and talent competitions. And if you don’t want to be part of the fun, you can always enjoy performances by other pub guests. You can find many similar bars from the area of Calle Gerona but Jumping Jacks Fun Pub is one of the best and most popular ones. In addition to music and competitions, they also serve as a sports bar with huge TV screen playing the recent matches. Because they open early in the morning and close late at night, you can enjoy drinks from breakfast to the party hours. This pub fits for people of all ages, but it is more relaxed and cozy than a real party place.Address: Calle Gerona 17, 03503 BenidormIntimate English Bar, BenidormThis bar in Benidorm’s old town gives you just what the name suggests: intimacy and English atmosphere. This small bar has a perfect location, friendly staff and a lot of regular visitors. The owner of Intimate Bar, Robert, is almost legend amongst locals and travellers alike who came back just to chat with him and to hear the newest Benidorm gossips.Karaoke singers can show off their singing skills without having to worry about judging eyes and make your experience even better Intimate Bar has a wide variety of different songs to sing but also drinks to try out. Intimate Bar is a must visit place for drinking if you are homesick and want to be welcomed to the Spanish culture. You will leave the bar with many new friends from all around the world.Address: Calle la Palma, 4, 03501 Benidorm

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