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Pablo Bloom is known as Benidorms wildest showman, a one man jukebox who mixes rock & roll with comedy! How is that possible you may ask and how can that even work, well it is possible and it works amazingly well as thousands of Pablo Bloom fans will testify.

Where can you see Benidorms Pablo Bloom?

Pablo Bloom is a must see when visiting Benidorm in his acts are easily among one of the best in Benidorm. You can find Pablo in some of the best hotels and bars in Benidorm and we guarantee you will not be disappointed! Pablo also has a huge fan base back in the UK and tours around the country in November and early December. His shows are normally sold out quickly so check out his website for early access and updates.

Pablo Bloom truly is a unique talent and well worth a watch, if you would like to know a little more about the musical maestro check out an interview with him over at Benidorm All Year Round and be sure to follow him on Facebook.

And when he is not keeping us all smiling with his crazy antics he stays busy doing some amazing collaborations with some of Benidorms finest musicians.



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As we mentioned above not only is Pablo Bloom an amazing musician he is also a hilarious performer! Pablo has been keeping all of his fans entertained during early 2020 with all the uncertainty that has been going on with weekly newscasts and reports… How does that work you ask? Check out this exclusive news report from March 2020.


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