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Cycling in Benidorm – Top Cycling Routes

Cycling in Benidorm – Top Cycling Routes

If you’re a fan of cycling and perhaps even training for some serious professional cycling in the next couple of months but you need a challenging course to train, consider heading to the Costa Blanca and the Benidorm region that offers some of the most scenic and the most challenging climbs to be found around Alicante.

Take advantage of Benidorm’s fantastic and varied terrain with varied gradient courses, ideal for cycling as well as the general ambience, perfect for kicking back at the end of a hard day of cycling. Read ahead to learn more about a few of these courses and the levels of difficulty that are on offer for cyclists of all degrees of professionalism – regardless of whether you’re a serious cyclist or a hobby cyclist.

4 Best Cycling Routes in Benidorm

There are a number of great routes throughout the Benidorm and Costa Blanca area, many ideal for exploring in the winter and early spring when the temperatures are still comfortable for outdoor activities and the roads are a bit quieter – perfect for cycling. While some are better left to the seasoned cyclists, there are a couple that make for great tracks for families and starter cyclists alike.

1. Puerto de la Carrasqueta

Perhaps the best known, and most travelled cycling path that is featured in the Tour de Juguete Gran Fondo. The overall track involves a number of options as to what stops you could make on the way, with five main route options for the avid cyclist, six if you include the Tour Del Juguete Route from 2014, which is considered a challenge for even the most seasoned of cyclists. Ranging in lengths from 100 to 175 kilometres, with shorter pieces available along some of its main stretches, this overall route will keep you coming back for more – especially if you’re looking for a challenge.

2. Puerto de Tudons

This route is a good starter trail for those looking to start cycling in the Benidorm area, with some of the main stretches being between 7 to 15 kilometres in length. Although some of the portions can be fairly steep, it’s nonetheless a great starter route, including for children. The views can be commanding from some of the higher points, and its location is perfect for adding in some distance through some longer additions. The El Campello – Puerto de Tudons – Puerto de la Carrasqueta – alto de les Xemeneies -El Campello is a truly epic route with some of the toughest climbs in the Costa Blanca, making this a great option for beginners with the option to add on for the most discerning of professionals.

3. Val de Ebo

Set over 8 kilometres, the Val de Ebo climb for cyclists is a bit easier on the legs with its slightly lower inclines. This is a route that is ideal or active families, due to the shorter length and smaller hills, but still provides stunning views across the scrub brush hills from some of its higher points. Ideal for beginners or for cyclists with children, this can be a good way to get some exercise in during your time in the area. Two options include the Denia or the Calpe routes for longer treks – both being between 150-160 kilometres.

4. Alto de les Xemeneies

The Alto de les Xemeneies, also known as Guixop and Torres del Maigmo, is one of the most difficult climbs of Costa Blanca. You should attempt to climb it only if you are an experienced cyclist and in really good physical condition.

This climb boasts a heavy average gradient of 10% for the bigger part of the route, however, you will get to rest a little after 3 kilometres in. It is recommended to take a break there and recover a bit as the hardest part follows with the gradients 20% and more.

You can enjoy pushing your limits on a 5.2km stretch but the reward will be great views and amazing feeling of accomplishment. And you can imagine what the descent will be like as you will climb from 635m to 1180m above sea level. The total elevation ads up to 545m.

Finding the climb is no easy task either. Once you get on CV-815 which runs alongside the A-7, turn to a small road that goes up to Balcon de Alicante and Alto de les Xemeneies.


If you’re looking for something a bit extra, why not consider coming to the Costa Blanca on either a Self-Guided cycling holiday or for a specialist training camp specifically geared toward cyclist? Being a cyclists haven, the Costa Blanca plays host to both of these, amongst other options. Most options are between January and May, when the temperatures are cooler and it’s more comfortable for training by day and relaxing by night. Prices can vary depending on the type of accommodation taken up. For example, the special training camp in Ciclo includes 4 star accommodation, half board, guided rides, vehicle support, airport transfers and individual training plans from 750 euros for January to May.

So there you have a couple of great suggestions for cycling tours that will work for both the well seasoned and experienced of cyclists but also beginners and families with children. Joining up with a tour or training camp in the area is always an option as well, especially if you’re looking for something to either improve your technique or to recondition your form. Come out to the Costa Blanca for a truly unique, challenging experience for cyclists and see why it has been a favourite

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