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A Guide to the Very Best of Benidorm’s Nightlife

A Guide to the Very Best of Benidorm’s Nightlife

Benidorm is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, especially with young Brits who are looking for a cheap party holiday and a few drinks. However, there are plenty of drawcards for older visitors and families too! Sunny beaches, mouthwatering restaurants and a vibrant nightlife have been attracting tourists to the region since the 1920s. In fact, more than 60,000 Brits actually reside in the town, located just a few miles from Alicante. If you’re thinking of heading to Benidorm for a week of sun, sea, sand and cheap booze, then this article is for you. We’ll introduce you to the town’s nightlife and show you the best places to visit on your trip to Benidorm. Whether you’re after a night on the dancefloor, a sit down meal and a show or a Take That tribute act, there’s something for everyone in Benidorm.

Where are the best bars and pubs in Benidorm?

There are so many bars and pubs in Benidorm that it can be hard to work out which ones you should visit. Many are themed, so you can sample an American diner one night and then pop next door for a Guinness at an Irish pub. Wherever you head, you can expect a great atmosphere, freshly cooked food and a range of beers, spirits, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks to suit your every mood. Here are the three best bars and pubs in Benidorm.

Vincent’s Kitchen & Bar

Vincents Old Town Benidorm

Vincent’s is the place to head for the best of British. This classic English pub has been open since 1965 and is found in the heart of Benidorm Old Town. It serves popular food and drink to satisfy the entire family and live sports can be watched on TV, making it a great place to meet up if there’s a football match on. Once the drinks have started flowing, you’ll be glad to know that you can embarrass yourself with a spot of karaoke and the bar even opens early in the morning for coffee – perfect if you’re nursing a bit of a sore head.

The Bodhran

The Bodhran Traditional Irish Bar, Benidorm

The Irish know how to party, and the Hourigan family from County Cork have brought a slice of this traditional culture to Benidorm, in the form of Bodhran. Visitors to this bar can expect live music every night, live sports and the best Guinness in town – it’s imported directly from Ireland rather than brewed in Spain. All things considered, there is no good reason not to make Bodhran part of your holiday to Benidorm. They even serve a traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings – beat that!

Oliver’s Bar

Oliver's British Bar in Benidorm

Oliver’s is regarded by many locals and holidaymakers alike as the best bar in the whole of Benidorm. Whether you want a quiet drink in the sun or are down to party for the night, the friendly service on offer here is sure to keep you coming back for more. Found in the heart of Benidorm’s Old Town, the bar serves great beer and is famous for the variety of jokes and puns which hang on the walls and above the door – they only get funnier as the night progresses!

Where are the best nightclubs in Benidorm?

If you’re ready to step things up a level then you’ll want to visit some of Benidorm’s famous nightclubs. Attracting thousands of revellers and some of the world’s best DJs, parties last well into the night. Most of the clubs are located quite close together, on the Avenida Communitat Valencia, making it easy for tourists to find the party hotspots and try out numerous clubs in one go. Benidorm is also a very LGBT-friendly holiday location, and there are lots of gay clubs too, which provide some of the best entertainment in the region. Good places to try are Mercury and People’s but there are countless LGBT-friendly bars and clubs to try. Catering for everyone, here are three of the best nightclubs in Benidorm.

KM Playa

KM Playa Nightclub Benidorm

KM is one of the hottest tickets in town. In the daytime it is like any other beach bar, serving great food and cocktails in the summer sun. Come 11pm though and it transforms into one of Benidorm’s best nightclubs. With a capacity of around 5,000 people and three huge dance floors, the party continues long into the night. There’s even a swimming pool and things often spill over onto the beach.


Penelope Benidorm

Holidaymakers have been flocking to Penelope since it opened in 1968 and the club caters for all kinds of revellers. The Terrace is open until late and is a great place to listen to some more chilled music and it consists of 7 bars. On the terrace you will find the Penelope Restaurant, with a capacity for up to 500 diners, where clients can enjoy a magnificent dinner at the disco before the after-party. The party starts for real in the Main Hall which is a covered area and is the center of the disco. The Main Room consists of 6 bars, numerous VIP areas , a dance floor and a boutique where you can buy Penelope products. The Pool Area  is the perfect place for clients to cool off on hot Mediterranean nights. This area is surrounded by spectacular vegetation that adorns this beautiful corner of the nightclub.


Hippodrome Benidorm

With an eclectic variety of music, from R&B to house, Hippodrome caters for everybody. It’s a neon paradise, with colourful lights, elaborate dancers and decorative flamethrowers to really get the atmosphere going. Popular for stag and hen parties, it also attracts a wealth of world famous DJs who really know how to put on a show. If there’s a big sports event on then Hippodrome is also the place to head for a fantastic atmosphere.

Where can I see the best tribute acts in Benidorm?

Benidorm is synonymous with tribute acts. From Neil Diamond to Lady Gaga, Madonna to Rod Stewart, it’s amazing who you can find putting on a show in Benidorm. Many tribute acts perform at multiple venues so it’s worth doing some research before you travel if you want to see anyone in particular. There are, however, some venues to keep in mind for the best tribute acts in town.

Morgan Tavern

Morgan Tavern Benidorm

Morgan Tavern earned its glowing reputation as the setting for Neptune’s Bar in the popular ITV sitcom, Benidorm. In the show, karaoke was rife, and performers of all sorts took to the stage. This isn’t too far from the reality of Morgan’s, where tribute acts flock to the stage to perform. As in the show, the tavern is pirate themed and one of the best regulars to be seen here is Lionel Ritchie. However, there are plenty of other popular performers, with names such as Elton John and Bruno Mars appearing on stage in tribute. The tavern is known to have a world class sound and lighting system, making entertainment here just a cut above the rest. Drinks aren’t as cheap as some of the other bars in town, but you get what you pay for!

Talk of the Coast

Talk of the Coast Benidorm

As one of the longest running cabaret bars in Benidorm, Talk of the Coast simply had to feature in this article. The bar is so popular that it has recently been extended and it is host to many of the same regular performers who have been with the bar for years, giving it a friendly feel. Specializing in Northern and Motown, this isn’t exhaustive, with tribute acts of all genres, such as Little Mix, being known to join classic acts like the Eagles. As well as tribute acts, Talk of the Coast hosts comedians and magicians, and there’s not even an entrance fee.

Sinatra’s Bar

Sinatra’s Bar Benidorm

One of the most popular venues in Benidorm, Sinatra’s Bar offers a bit of everything – it has a disco, live music and a cabaret show. Tribute acts such as Neil Diamond also perform regularly at the bar alongside popular drag acts. There are five shows every night until 2:30am, when the bar transforms into a live disco until the early hours, with drinks flowing the entire time. It’s the perfect place to settle in for the night, with friendly staff and fantastic deals on drinks.

Anything else I should be aware of?

One of Benidorm’s most famous and iconic forms of entertainment haven’t quite made it into this article thus far. Benidorm Palace is probably the most famous venue in town, where guests can book tickets to enjoy a three course dinner, wine and a show. The show varies across seasons and years, but you can expect music, dancing, singing, colours and more. No trip to Benidorm would be complete without a visit to the Benidorm Palace. Prices aren’t cheap, with show-only tickets starting at €34 and dinner plus show packages at €54, but for the price you get some of the best quality entertainment in Benidorm.

Benidorm Palace Aqua ShowBenidorm Palace ShowBenidorm Palace Show

Benidorm is quite unique in the attractions it offers. Catering so well to British tourists, it is little wonder that many flock back to the town year after year. With loads of fun stuff to keep you busy in the day, it is nighttime when Benidorm really comes to life, with too many bars, clubs and tribute acts to count. Benidorm Palace is the crowning jewel of the town but there are plenty of cheaper ways to enjoy an unforgettable night.

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