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10 Of The Best Night Clubs in Benidorm

10 Of The Best Night Clubs in Benidorm

If you’re coming down to Benidorm for your next getaway with either your crew of girls or your group of guys, you need to check out these top ten amazing nightclubs in town to hit up while you’re there. You won’t have any trouble finding the perfect club to boogie the night away with all the options in Benidorm, and these ten are quite honestly just the tip of a very diverse and amazing iceberg! So get those dancing shoes on – the dance floor awaits!

Hippodrome Disco Pub

One of the most well known and liked clubs in all of Benidorm, the Hippodrome Club is a top notch dance club with drinks and a fantastic dance floor to keep the party going all night long. Open year round nightly from 10:30pm to 8am the next day means that party goers can literally keep the party going till the wee hours.

The Top

Come up to the Top – not so much a club as it is a district – for some of the most happening clubs in town that go literally all night long. In some cases they even go well into the next day, we’re talking like well into the afternoon.

KM Dance

The most legendary club in all of Benidorm this beast of a club can host five thousand people all at once, making this the ultimate in partying. Music goes all night long and the drinks flow here at KM, with three dance floors, twelve bars and even a swimming pool!

KM Playa

Just next to KM Dance, KM Playa is essentially a dance club on the beach, right on the water. Most people will start their evening on the KM Playa and then move into the KM Dance club to continue the party, but both are fantastic venues for those looking to boogie all night.


Located right on the beach, Penelopes is a favourite amongst dancers and party goers alike for the fine clubbing experience Penelopes offers its patrons. It isn’t just a dance club though and is actually a hot spot for live music and various cabaret shows, so it’s a place that really has it all!

KU Disco

A hip place in the club district, KU Disco is a favourite amongst clubbers in Benidorm, featuring some of the hottest themed parties and more! DJs pump out the tunes night after night, making this a number one hot spot to get your groove on.


More than just a disco or a pub, Valentine’s is home to several fantastic cabaret and live shows nightly as well, so you can be assured of a great time all night long that doesn’t necessarily mean busting a move on the floor from noon til night. Come check it out for some cool alternative entertainments and then close off the night on the dance floor.

Disco Bahamas

This primarily RnB club hub is great for those who enjoy a good time getting their boogie on to some cool beats. There’s a big party every night that goes all night long and with three bars – 2 inside and one out on the terrace, you can be sure to get all your favourite drinks any time of the night. Check out their DJs that spin everything from house, RnB, Dance, HipHop and even some old school tunes. Always a good time at Disco Bahamas.

Club Discoteca Mansion

This is the place to beat for some awesome hardcore music alongside the likes of electronica, and other cool tunes. Hosting more than five thousand people each weekend, this is one of the liveliest clubs in the city, and always sure of a great time to be had. They host some of the best known Spanish and International DJs, so this is a great place to check out some of the best music in the European and International DJ scenes.

So there you have ten of the hottest clubs in Benidorm that will be sure to make your holiday an absolute treat. Come for the beaches, but stay for the beats. You will be sure to find a club that suits your tastes here in Benidorm, so come check it out!

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